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We're an artisan pottery studio in Amsterdam. And that's why our name is MADE IN MOKUM because we call our city Mokum. We throw our pots and vases on the wheel, the old fashioned way. Then we bake them and glaze them. We make all of our own glazes from raw materials and we use our own recipes. Some are old and traditional, some are experimental and funky.

We like our pots to be wonky and quirky. What others may find 'a fault', we call it 'a feature'. Of course we don't allow cracks in the clay or chips off the glaze, but a dripping glaze is what we like. Although we produce families (series) all our fellas have a unique character and personality. That's why we give them a name and cherish them as our next of kin.

Like what you see? Do you want 'something like that one but different'? Just ask us. We like a challenge.

Made in Mokum
Made in Mokum
Picks from the shop


Cut from clay, cooked to crystals

Creating ceramics is like cooking but on a really high fire. Like five times higher than your average kitchen oven. High enough to melt rock and so we're cooking up crystals. Only mother earth does it better because we don't want feel that pressure that she's under...



Homebrew Glazes

We make all of our glazes here at the studio. It's a bit of alchemy: iron, titanium, copper, cobalt and lots of other metals go into the mix. But we try to avoid lead (really poisonous, you know) and some other nasty chemicals.



Out into the world

It's never easy to let go of a beautiful thing, especially when you've seen it grow and come to life. Luckily we get pictures from the new owners of our boys. And...


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So we're an artisan pottery studio in Amsterdam. We make ceramic things we love and share them with you. We do a lot of vases, bowls and pots but very little tableware. And if you want, just ask us to make one especially for you or your loved ones (dead or alive). Our work is sometimes dark and quirky, even wonky if you like. We don't care too much about traditional perfection.

We try to make beautiful stuff. If you don't put flowers or brushes or branches in our vases, they will look good naked. Don't throw them at people. All our shapes and also our glazes are homebrewn. Made at our home and that's Mokum to us.

Really, what more do you need to know about us? Then drop us a note to share your thoughts, ask your question, put in an order or whatever you want from us.