About our shop and delivery

We have no checkout, shopping trolleys or baskets on this website. No Paypal either (yet). Our selling system is small and simple.

1) If you want to buy a vase or a bowl, you simply let us know by a message from the site. You can also just send us an email yourself and write your wish. Maybe you want to see some more hi-ress pictures before you buy?

2) As soon as your message of interest comes in, we put a reservation on the work with your (first) name on it. And we reply to you with the instructions on how to pay, which is now by bank-transfer only.

3) You then have 10 days to pay. Or not, if you change your mind.

4) When your payment is in, we ship your purchase straight away. Simple huh? It works for us and our customers.

screenshot banktransfer


Shipping Costs

We try to send out through the cheapest delivery-service, which is never UPS or DHL, but regular mail, often with a signature upon delivery. Costs of delivery are mostely 15 euros within Europe and about 25 euros Worldwide. Large objects are obviousely more expensive. We'll specify your specific shipping costs in our first email to you.


Personal Delivery

We'll personally drop off your purchase by bike if you live in or are visting Amsterdam. Or if you pay us a ticket to anywhere in the world, we'll drop by. Sometimes we welcome people to our storage. Just ask.


Packing for transport

Now sending ceramics isn't easy, but we have found a pretty safe way of packing.



The product is first wrapped in protective paper and then double wrapped in bubble-wrap.



Then a solid, taped up hard cardboard box goes around it. Sometimes we use a wood frame.



Then it goes into a big shipping box with those foam chips.



Oops, crack, auw!

Now if your purchase should arrive broken: let us know immediately by mail. Send some pictures of the damaged product and the package, so we can take action through the delivery-service. We also give you the option to get your money back or get a 'new one'. No product we make is exactly the same, so think about that. Ofcourse we're very carefull in wrapping our ceramics, but accidents like this can happen. So far we haven't had any major accidents with shipping. Fingers crossed.

Disclaimer and small print

We had to put this one in, because of legal mumbojumbo. The 'stats' (measurements) on this site are all 'by approximation', just like availability, prices and description, shipping costs and anything else might that be different from what's stated on the site, (most likely because it's not up-to-date). Anyone who claims rights on anything we offer, state or have put up on this site, let us know first, before you take legal actions. We've done our best to make sure everything is done correctly, but hey, we're only human, you know. Furthermore, we keep the information you send us to ourselves and will never share your info with others. We won't spam and only send you information by email when we've put up new objects in the shop, which will be a few times per year at most. The prices on the website are 'including 21% VAT', in dutch 'inclusief 21% BTW'. If you want a specified invoice - as a business - we need your international tax-number.

Drop a Note



So we're an artisan pottery studio in Amsterdam. We make ceramic things we love and share them with you. We do a lot of vases, bowls and pots. And if you want, just ask us to make one especially for you or your loved ones (dead or alive). Our work is sometimes dark and quirky, even wonky if you like. We don't care too much about traditional perfection.

We try to make usefull and beautiful stuff. If you don't put flowers or brushes or branches in our vases, they can just look beautiful without. Don't throw them at people. All our shapes and also our glazes are homebrewn. Made at our home and that's Mokum to us.

Really, what more do you need to know about us? Then drop us a note to share your thoughts, ask your question, put in an order or whatever you want from us.