Out of the comfortzone

There's so much to explore in the world of clay and glaze! We're on a journey to a new shape, texture or story almost every day. But there's no adventure without risk or leaving home...

Lots of our boys leave the house, even though we are still very attached to them. Their new owners are often just as good or even better custodians. Sometimes they send us pictures of their new pots.

So here's a page dedicated to experiment, succes and failure but also new lives.

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So we're an artisan pottery studio in Amsterdam. We make ceramic things we love and share them with you. We do a lot of vases, bowls and pots. And if you want, just ask us to make one especially for you or your loved ones (dead or alive). Our work is sometimes dark and quirky, even wonky if you like. We don't care too much about traditional perfection.

We try to make usefull and beautiful stuff. If you don't put flowers or brushes or branches in our vases you can use them to hold a door or bang a nail in the wall. They are tough. Don't throw them at people. All our shapes and also our glazes are homebrewn. Made at our home and that's Mokum to us.

Really, what more do you need to know about us? Then drop us a note to share your thoughts, ask your question, put in an order or whatever you want from us.